Aoife O'Dwyer

Designer | Artist | Curator

Aoife O'Dwyer


Designer, artist & curator specialising in digital. All round creative type with persistent inclinations towards design, photography, illustration, installation and digital media.

Photography is at the centre of how I explore visually but my work as a digital designer has brought me closer to the potential of digital, web and technology based work that incorporates interaction and participation.

My digital design work is at the core of what I do. I’m into crafting meaningful and delightful digital experiences for brands that want to push the boundaries of digital communication. I care about delivering functional, beautiful, engaging and memorable experiences and interactions that innovate across platforms. I design for humans combining experience, research and intuition to create balanced experiences that are practical and efficient as well as being memorable and full of delight.

Typography game is strong .

Founder and curator of ‘A Secret Magazine‘ and NOBODY Creative non-profit arts organisation. Member of the feminist art group Bunny Collective

tl;dr Maker of awesome things


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